For some time, Chinese hardware maker Lenovo has been working hard to build laptops that are both affordable and capable of playing cutting-edge applications and games. Unlike its ThinkPad line of notebooks, which is focused more on workplace productivity and hardware durability, Lenovo’s IdeaPad line targets home consumers interested in enjoying a complete media experience without breaking their budgets.
Now, Lenovo has unveiled a few new IdeaPad models that promise to take the line’s effective balance of performance, mobility, and cost savings to a new level. As has been the case in the past, a major part of the IdeaPad’s value offering involves providing the customer with a discrete graphics card at a relatively low price point.
First, there’s the IdeaPad 330. Available in screen sizes ranging from 14 to 17.3 inches in diameter, it will feature a choice of SSD or HDD drives, Core, Pentium, or Celeron processors, and graphics cards up to the powerful Nvidia GTX 1050. It’s expected the price range will be $249 to $499, which is impressive given the proposed specs and the aforementioned graphics processing unit (GPU). The lower price means a heavier unit, with the 330 coming in at over four pounds — roughly a pound heavier than the 530S, discussed later.
Next up on the list is the IdeaPad 330S, which will include just two available units. Early reports indicate these units will offer many of the same options as the IdeaPad 330 in a thinner, more lightweight frame. Although the IdeaPad 330S will be available with the GTX 1050 graphics card, the emphasis of this line will be on processing power, with the Core and Pentium Silver processors being available. It’s expected the IdeaPad 330S will be available for just under $500 and will weigh less than the 330 but slightly more than the 530S.
Finally, there’s the IdeaPad 530S, which eliminates the discrete graphics card in favor of the more lightweight GT MX150 card. The IdeaPad 530S is only available with the Core i7 chip and comes equipped with SSD drives — no HDD available. Like the 330S, the 530S is lightweight, thin, and designed with portability top-of-mind.
That said, it does boast a range of lovely features, including Harman speakers with Dolby Audio, a backlit keyboard, and a battery that supports Lenovo’s own Rapid Charge technology, which is capable of providing two hours of playback on a charging time of just 15 minutes. These features make the 530S a little more expensive than the 330 or 330S, with prices starting at $799.
All of the new Lenovo IdeaPads are expected to hit stores by the end of May 2018.