A new set of wireless earbuds available via Kickstarter allows you to get 2 hours of music playback time on only one 10-minute-long charge. It’s an impressive offering for a set of earbuds that you can have this July in exchange for a pledge that costs less than sixty bucks.

The earbuds in question are, together, known as Firefly. Like a growing number of earbuds on the market, they’re completely wireless, which means no need to constantly untangle wires as they run from your ears to a device like a smartphone or iPod. Earbuds of this kind have become increasing popular since Apple decided to ditch traditional, wired headphones with its iPhone.

But that’s presented a problem: unlike the earbuds of yesterday, wireless earbuds need to charge, with charge times varying widely among those devices available right now. For people who want to use their earbuds off and on throughout the day, that can present challenges, as many wireless earbud devices can only go a few hours before requiring significant charging time.

The Firefly earbuds are different. Unlike the competition, they’re built using fast-charging technology, which means they require only 10 minutes of charge time for two hours of playback. Meanwhile, should you have slightly longer for charging, such as 30 minutes, you should be able to double your playback time to about four hours.

Firefly, which is the result of a recent Kickstarter campaign, does offer a number of other attractive features. The earbuds also come with users to get up to 16 hours of payback time on a full charge, meaning it should easily get through the standard workday or trip to the beach. Additionally, the Firefly earbuds are reported to come equipped with an ambient feature that blocks out only enough sound to maximize the music-listening experience while keeping the user aware of their surroundings.

As for how far users can be from their source device for the Firefly earbuds to work, range is reportedly 33 feet, meaning you should be able to walk across the office without losing your Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Finally, the Firefly earbuds are fully compatible with personal assistant devices like Apple’s Siri or Google assistant, with tapping on the earbuds allowing you to connect.

It’s worth noting that this is a Kickstarter campaign, which means the Firefly earbuds haven’t been extensively tested. But for only a $59 pledge, it would seem they’re worth a try.